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Next Level: Creating Space in Your Relationship


We al know of the wonderful feeling of falling in love and being a part of a couple in the early stages of a relationship. As the relationship moves on, that level of being as one can cause feelings of being suffocated. That could lead to conflict and then both of you try to navigate the switch from the “honeymoon period”

For a lor of people – the antidote to this conflict might be to spend more time together. However, this can lead to a lot more conflict. While spending time together is one of the most important parts of building a relationship – too often that time is not used well.

Quality time is very important for you as a couple to develop your own sense of what a relationship is. That means time where there are no distractions, especially no screens. Phones need to be turned off or left in a separate room so that you can focus on each other.

Of equal importance to your relationship as it moves on, is time spent apart. Using that time to develop your own interests, and taking your own space and time, allows you both to have the room to grow individually. This room lets in light and air to your relationship – where you can celebrate each other’s difference, and each can grow more fully to appreciate the safety of the bond between you both.

If this space is not available that leads to hiding true feelings, not dealing with conflict appropriately and resentment between you.

There is a choice for each of you to make – what do you want from each other? What would you like to get from your relationship? Can you allow the other the space required to grow ?

If you want to look at the answers to these regarding your own relationship please get in touch with me and I can help you develop your relationship to the next level.

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